Her 1st Racing injury, stopped on the track and got rear ended. Her lap belt was not tight and shoulder straps were too tight,then her buckle hit her in the throat. She learned a huge lesson in safety equipment being fastened correctly.

Racin' Rosalyn's 1st WIN!!!!

Rosalyn's 1st car at age 4 with Max Dog as her first Driving coach and Yiya guarding those 2 little ones.

Racin' Rosalyn's 1st time ever #3 by chance....Awesome Number!! Dale Sr.


1/12/2019 Concord Motor Speedway On-Board Video.

The above spin out knocked the toe out of her car, 1st time having the handling change while practicing had her frustrated.

Skip to 21:45 and you can see her spin out and get mad!

1/12/2019 Concord Motor Speedway Practice

Racin' Rosalyn Got the POLE because she studies her notes on the Tracks like she makes good grades in school!!!

Racin' Rosalyn's 1st Time Bando She spins at 20:30 + Greatest reaction!!!